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About Me

Hello, this is Oguzhan!

I am a Computer Vision Engineer at the Dynamic Object Detection team of Zenseact AB, Sweden, developing AI models and solving practical challenges for autonomous driving. Our vision is to reduce car accidents to zero. Besides my experience in 3-D object detection using LIDAR and camera, I am particulary interested in text-to-image models, as I find them quite promising due to their unlimited potential from generating personalized contents to simulation generation, where different learning models can be trained before they are exposed to the real-world data in critical applications like autonomous driving.

If you think we can work together, please contact me at the Contact section or follow the link to my LinkedIn profile.


M.Sc, Computer Science

Bilkent University

Sep 2018 - Sep 2021
Ankara, Turkey
  • Master studies focused on Computer Vision
  • Faculty Scholarship Awardee
  • Courses: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Applied Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis

B.Sc, Electrical Engineering & Informatics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Sep 2015 - Jun 2016
Budapest, Hungary
  • Erasmus scholarship programme
  • Studied abroad for a year during my Bachelor studies
  • Besides experiencing a different academic environment, I had a chance to travel in Europe and visited more than 10 countries

B.Sc, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Marmara University

Sep 2014 - Jun 2018
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Graduated with honors degree, ranked in top 5 in the department
  • Complete English curriculum
  • Undergraduate Project: EEG Signal Classification
    • Classify hand movement patterns by evaluating evoked brain signals
    • 86% of classification accuracy, determining the left or right hand movement


Computer Vision Engineer

Zenseact AB

Nov 2022 - Present
Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Dynamic Object Detection Team
  • Research and develop vision-based object detection on a multi-camera sensor setup

Computer Vision Research Engineer

Ford Otosan

Feb 2021 - Nov 2022
Ankara, Turkey
  • Level-4 Autonomous Driving AI Team
  • Research and develop advanced AI algorithms to solve perception, prediction and planning problems based on an enhanced sensor suite including LIDAR, Camera and Radar

Machine Learning Engineer

CERN ⁃ European Organization for Nuclear Research

Jun 2019 - Jun 2020
Geneva, Switzerland
  • Project: Detection of stuck jobs during data extraction processes at CERN's data warehouse using machine learning
    • Huge amount of data consisted of millions of entries
    • Challenging classification task to detect rare amount of stuck jobs (<0.0003%) among vast majority of healthy jobs
    • Real-time continuous learning and classification at production databases
  • Full-time contract concurrently with my master studies
  • Worked in a self-organizing agile team and got familiar with the agile development practices
  • Led a team of 3 in the innovation week where developers come up with any idea for potential improvements
    • Investigated clustering algorithms to parse log files to integrate them in Elastic Search
    • Presented the research results and proof of concept models to the department and managers

Part-Time Student Program


May 2017 - Jul 2018
Bursa, Turkey
  • Worked at Bosch Turkey during the last year of my bachelor's studies
  • Designed and developed software for Precise Packaging, maximizing the package content accuracy for different customer orders. Around 50k car injectors are packaged daily
  • Implemented and debugged the Injector Back Traceability software on the assembly lines

My Projects

Here you may find some of my work I've done during my master's classes. I explained my reasonings along with the code in dedicated Jupyter Notebooks, therefore you can have a picture of my approach against some specific problems.


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